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Hospitality ON develop a 360 ° approach of the hospitality and tourism industry as an expert leader in strategy, operational management, positioning, analysis of trends. The world is our limit, after having successively covered activities in France, Europe, the Middle East ... and tomorrow in Asia and the Americas.

Since 1996

example image Created by Hospitality ON, the Global Lodging Forum® has become a "think tank" of the hospitality industry and is, for over 20 years, the only international forum in Paris that ensures meeting of all the domain related to the development of the hotel industry : operators , investment, real estate and developers. Over 500 key decision makers in the hospitality industry and financial attend to review the current Global, European and French hotel chains. The programme of the Global Lodging Forum® , spread over three to four half-days , alternating detailed market analysis , thematic panels, and most importantly, the informal meetings that turn into business networking during breaks. MKG Hospitality presents a detailed preview report of the hospitality business in France, in Europe and in the world, as well as the main trends of the hospitality industry....



of the "Think Tank" oh the Hospitality Industry...


from international hotel groups, hotel chains, finance world and economist...
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Hospitality ON

Hospitality ON

Born in 2011, the Hospitality ON magazine and hospitaltiy-on.com website are both taking part in the direct extension of HTR (Hotel, Tourism & Restaurant), which was created in 1994, in the Hôtel Restau Habo newspaper created in 2000, and their respective sites. Powered by the work of a bilingual editorial teamHospitality ON is available in French and English to find the news and to analyze all facets (aspects) of the French, European and global hospitality industry.

Hospitality ON is the only multi-media materials that can offer both, a comprehensive overview and live time of the international hotel news, and a series of documents to understand the challenges associated with a global industry. The different topics reflect the news and the outlook for hotel development, investment and trading, commercial distribution, brand marketing, human resources and innovation.

Free registration to the hospitality-on.com site provides access to news articles, audiovisual interviews, press release trends, information on products and techniques developed by suppliers...

Only paid subscription provides access to market research, cyclical and detailed sectorial analysis, special investigations, performance statistics and editorial archives from the past decade (past ten years).

Hospitality ON exclusively publishes the main documents of the international hotel industry:

The European report on Hotel activities, with detailed analysis of hotel facilities and exhaustive classification of hotel groups and hotel chains.

- The World report on Hotel activities, with the commented evolution of the global hotel park, analysis of global hotel group activities, the ranking of the top 150 groups and 200 leading international brands.

For more information : webmedia(@)hospitality-on.com / +33 (0)1 56 56 87 87

Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Worldwide Hospitality Awards

For more than 10 years, Hospitality ON has undertaken to promote the initiatives of the hospitality industry all around the world through theWorldwide Hospitality Awards. This international competition founded by Georges Panayotis, President & CEO of Hospitality ON is an opportunity for hotels to highlight their teams’ exemplary achievements in communication, marketing, innovation, human resources, social and environmental responsibility, customer loyalty programs.
A major innovation was added in 2010 with the creation of the Worldwide Hospitality Management Schools Awards. Through them, a link was made between the international schools of hospitality management and the future operations managers.
Since the beginning of the event in 2000, the Worldwide Hospitality Awards have received close to 1000 applications. More than 150 awards have been given. Candidates from all the continents enter every year the competition. The Worldwide Hospitality Awards thus are an excellent representation of the international hospitality industry diversity and help to reveal its innovative processes and concepts.
The Hospitality Awards organization and development are placed under the control of an Advisory Board which includes representatives of the worldwide hospitality industry for the hotels competition and representatives of worldwide hospitality management schools as well as hotel groups human resources managers for the school awards. An international jury composed of about forty renowned figures of the business world, the tourism industry, and the marketing sector (excluding the hotel and restaurant industry) choose the winners and the finalists of the worldwide hospitality awards. The jury of the worldwide hospitality management schools awards is made of representatives of the worldwide hospitality industry. Every year, a representative of an International hotel group chairs the ceremony which is held in November in Paris.
For : www.hospitalityawards.com
Contact : events@hospitality-on.com - +33 (0)1 56 56 87 89

TourInvest Forum

TourInvest Forum

Créé par Hospitality ON en 2013, le TourInvest Forum est destiné à stimuler l’investissement touristique et hôtelier, en favorisant la rencontre entre les exploitants, les porteurs de projets, les investisseurs et les collectivités. Il doit permettre de découvrir les opportunités de marché actuelles, d’exposer les stratégies d’aménagement urbain des agglomérations et de faciliter le montage des projets d’investissement.


Pour plus d’information :  http://tourinvest.com
Contact : events@hospitality-on.com - +33 (0)1 56 56 87 71